A Really Cool Wine to Beat the Heat: Ice Wine!

While most of the country swelters, I thought it would be refreshing to talk about something really cool – ice wine! enjoy this two-minute video. 


What’s your favorite dessert-wine pairing? 

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2 responses to “A Really Cool Wine to Beat the Heat: Ice Wine!

  1. Speaking of Ice Wine, for these warm summer days, we do what would make winemakers aghast: add ice to our wine. But our ice is a bit different. We take our "house white" – an inexpensive Chardonnay – and pour it into ice cube trays. When we want a nice, really cold glass of Chard, we pop two or three iced wine cubes in the glass and we cool down mighty fast. No question that it changes the wine a little, making it seem more concentrated and intense in a slightly fake way. It can also drop more tartrates that wineries don’t remove because they don’t actually freeze wine during cold stabilization. Fun!

  2. Nancy Hawks Miller

    What a great idea! you always has ones! Hope you’re staying cool in the Lodi AVA. I’ve almost been feeling guilty about the lovely weather we’re having!

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