“Corked” Fruits and Vegetables!

There’s been a fun discussion going on in the Snooth forum that’s sort of related to yesterday’s post on cork taint. We’ve been talking about “corked” produce. Have you ever had a banana or a carrot that isn’t moldy but has the moldy, TCA character? I have, and it turns out lots of other people have, too. Carrots seems to be the biggest offenders.

Of course, cork is wood (it’s the bark of the cork-oak tree: Quercus Suber). It turns out that other wood surfaces like wooden picking or shipping boxes and oak barrels can impart TCA to your fresh fruit or vegetables! This was confirmed for me when I met with the lab crew at the winery where I worked regarding tainted tasting samples. the reply to my inquiry was “Absolutely, TCA can turn up in fruits and vegetables.” Nice to know I’m not completely nuts (I wonder if nuts can have it 😉 As with wine, it’s not harmful, but it’s not very tasty, either!

Had some “corked” blueberrries a few days ago – very disappointing! Anybody out there had a similar experience?

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5 responses to ““Corked” Fruits and Vegetables!

  1. Mark

    The boxes that clementine or manderins come in often smell like TCA. I once had a tainted carrot that was put into a veggie snack bag with celery, peppers etc – the TCA from the carrot infected the other veggies so that they all smelled and tasted like musty basement. I think anything that is shipped in ‘bleached’ wooden crates can pick it up.

  2. Yes, carrots. Often, especially the pre-peeled mini ones. And carrot sticks at the deli. Very disagreeable! I thought I was nuts until I read your post.

  3. Nancy Hawks Miller

    It’s always a relief to find out one isn’t going nuts, yes? Especially <br/>if those nuts are corked 😉 Happy new year, Ronald!

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