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Like Wine? Stop HR 1161

I didn’t start this blog to be political, but sometimes it’s important to make an exception.

Our nation’s wholesalers, in order to line their pockets, continue with their attempt to steamroller bill after bill through Congress that make it it difficult, if not impossible, for wineries to sell their wine directly to you. These are people who make their money by getting the wine, beer or spirits from the producer to the retailer or restaurateur.

If this very powerful special interest group gets their way they will have control over which wines you get to enjoy at home. No more wine club shipments. And, it will eliminate quite a number of small, family wineries from your shopping list. Most distributors can’t be bothered with the little guys.

This bill is called House Resolution 1161, the Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act is sitting in Congress right now. Tom Wark explains it much better than I can. Unfortunately, it’s picking up steam. I hope you read his article in Zester Daily

If you’re pushed for time, let me give you a link that makes it easy to contact your Congressman. I just did it and it took less than a minute. If you want to keep informed, here are two more links for you: Free the Grapes and the Stop HR 1161 Facebook Page

On to fun wine stuff tomorrow! Cheers! 

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