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Coopers Have Style, Too!

Did you know that coopers have their own house style just like winemakers do? 

Do you like a lot of oak on your wine or do you prefer that it takes a back seat? 

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Do They Add the Blueberries?

Question from Bob V: You know how the back label says “fragrance of blueberries” or “hints of vanilla”? Do they add that stuff or ?

Reply: Hi, Bob! Thanks for writing. If they added blueberries or vanilla the label would have to say “Bluebery-flavored Zinfandel” or “Vanilla-flavored Chardonnay”. Regulation-wise, wine is 100% grape juice with a kick!

So, how does that stuff get in there?

Sometimes it’s just that the fragrance or flavor of the wine reminds us of tobacco or spice. It’s just the best language we have to put across our impressions. Many of the characteristics, especially those derived of fermentation and aging, are not well understood.

And, sometimes we think we know the source of specific characteristics. For instance when your Sauvignon Blanc smells like green bell pepper Continue reading

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