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How to Save Your Left-Over Wine


Pardon? Left over? I don’t understand…  

All right, in all seriousness, as we go into the holiday season it’s bound to happen, and it’s certainly much better than running out of wine – heaven forbid!

Here’s the good news: Young reds might actually taste better the second day! And, any wine should be OK the next day, unless it was an older vintage. But, who has ever seen a nice old bottle that didn’t empty out rather quickly? And, any wine should be able to hold up for a day or two, so just leave the reds on the counter and stash the whites in the fridge.

Two days is usually fine, three days is iffy – the wine may seem kind of lack-luster. And, longer than three it can even start to get kind of wierd.FYI, if it spoils it doesn’t hurt you.

It seems like people always propose cooking with it. Taste it first! If you spent time and effort buying high-quality ingredients you don’t want to spoil the dish by adding wine that’s gone off. And, cooking concentrates the flavors so… 

So you can’t drink it in the next few days? There are a few things you can do to prolong its life. the goal is to get rid of the head space. The  oxygen is what does the damage to open wine. Continue reading

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