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Holiday Pairing: Roasted Tenderloin of Beef with Napa Valley Cabernet


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a holiday recipe and wine pairing from Sherry Page! She has such a great talent for creating delicious flavors without taking all day or getting every pot in the kitchen dirty!

Her recipe for Roasted Tenderloin of Beef is perfect for your Christmas-Day or Chanukah dinner or for an elegant New-Year’s Eve supper. And, so easy to do – even I could do it (I think…). She’s going with a classic for the holidays, pairing the roast with  Cabernet Sauvignon from Round Pond or Redmon. Some cliches exist for a reason! Both are Napa Valley wines, which seems appropriate since Sherry and I are both Napa Valley girls! Enjoy!

Pairing tip: Beef with Cabernet is a classic combination, in part, because the marbling in the meat softens the tannins in the Cab. Try this experiment:

1. Taste the wine and get a sense of the mouthfeel. You’ll feel the grip of the tannins.
2. Take a bite of the meat
3. Taste the wine again. See how much smoother it feels?

About Sherry: My good friend, Sherry Page, has been cooking since age five and has vivid memories of standing on a big, heavy chair at her Grandma’s stove, stirring away! Continue reading


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