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How Many Calories in a Glass of Wine?


Question from Sheila: How many calories in a glass of wine?

Reply: Hi, Sheila. Thanks for writing! Oh, we don’t really want to think about this, do we 😉

The short answer is about 100 calories per 5-oz glass. That’s not too bad, is it? You can easily eliminate that number of calories somewhere else during the day if you want to.

But, I’ve got to tell you that the short answer doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s the same old refrain we always hear with questions about wine – it depends.

The wild cards here in terms of variability are alcohol and sugar. The more of either the higher the calorie count. 

I ran across a nifty formula a few years ago, at least for dry wine. Check the alcohol on the label and multiply it by 1.6. Then, multiply that by the number of ounces.  Continue reading

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