How Many Calories in a Glass of Wine?

So, of course we’re all suffering through the usual barrage of fitness ads and diet program come-ons that arrive with the new year. We know in our hearts that this is the year we’re going to get serious about exercising, watch what we eat (and drink!) and lose those extra pounds. Yeah, right…

So, how much damage is that luscious glass of wine actually doing? Here goes:

You know, over the last several years, little by little, I’ve put on a few pounds that I can’t seem to shake. My eating habits haven’t changed and, if anything, I get more exercise now than ever. Mom says I’m probably just getting old (Thanks, Mom!).

Anyway, like everyone else, I wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds. I see 3 very simple options:

#1: Drink less wine (hmphh!)
#2: According to , all I have to do to offset the calories in glass of wine is to take a brisk walk for 15 minutes. Now THAT’S do-able!
#3: Believe my husband when he says he likes the extra curves.

I think I’ll go with door #3. How about you? Happy New Year!!!

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