10 Stocking Stuffers for your Favorite Wine Geek


I always seem to put off buying stocking stuffers until the last minute – I suppose it’s because it’s so hard to think of fun items that aren’t too big and don’t cost too much. So, here’s a list of things you can find very easily online, at your local wine shop, Costco or even maybe a hardware store.I’ve added a couple of items to last year’s list:

1. Foil cutter(s): Life would be far more difficult without it – a bloody battle between you and the metal capsule or, even worse, plastic!

2. There’s this wonderful product called Wine Away that removes the stains if you swirl your Zinfandel just a little too enthusiastically which, for me, is just about every day 😉 It works! There’s even a purse-size bottle – very handy.

3. There’s also a wine-away, of sorts, for your teeth. It’s called Wine Wipes. It happened to me again last week – I went to a tasting without thinking to grab my toothbrush and toothpaste before I ran out the door. Don’tcha just love that dingy, slightly purple smile? These wipes fit in your purse or pocket very easily and they work! Caution: My dentist said to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water before brushing after drinking wine. If you don’t, you’re just brushing the enamel-destroying acid right into your teeth. A good rinse will get your oral pH back into the safe zone.

4. Speaking of cleaning up, this may not sound very glamorous, but believe you me, it will put a big smile on that wine geek’s face because it solves a common problem: dingy looking, wine-stained decanters. A decanter-cleaning brush!

5. Champagne stopper(s): Can’t have too many of these! They have a mysterious way of disappearing… 

6. Private Preserve: If you’re afraid to pull the cork on that special bottle for fear you can’t finish it, let ‘er rip! This inert gas preserves the wine quite well for at least a week. The label claims much longer but I wonder… When in doubt, polish it off!

7. Waiter’s Corkscrew(s): So compact. You’ll always be prepared if you keep one in your glove box, your picnic basket and your purse (along with a foil cutter and a Champagne stopper)!

8. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Encyclopedia: A must have for any wine lover – very compact and very helpful.

9. For the truly geeky wine lover, De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table: This poster will keep the receiver entertained for hours with tons of varieties, many of which are completely unfamiliar. If, in fact, you recognize all the varieties you should seriously consider getting a life.

10. This last item if for you, oh friend-of-wine-geek. Have trouble getting the darned cork out of the bottle? The Screwpull is idiot proof. This is what I reply onwhen I have to open bottles and talk at the same time during a presentation. I guess not all women are good at multi-tasking!

Merry Christmas! And happy shopping…

IMPORTANT:  I have a new advertiser and I’ve noticed that they’re brilliant at doing product tie-ins. I Iove my readers and I want to be sure you know that I don’t get a penny in kick-backs or commission if you buy the items shown in the right column. I would never write a post just to increase my revenue. Thanks for reading! Nancy

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