Do I Need to Let the Wine Breathe?

Question from Holly: Do I need to let the wine breathe? Is using a Vinturi or some other aerator the best way to go?

Reply: Hi, Holly. This question is so common that I decided to give it the royal treatment and posted it to

Hey, readers – have you found an aerator that you like? Or do you have a favorite decanter? I’d love to hear about it!

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3 responses to “Do I Need to Let the Wine Breathe?

  1. My favorite decanter is either a 99 cent plastic beer pitcher or a fancy Riedel decanter that pretty much flattens out a whole bottle of wine to render maximum surface area. Just taste a sip of what you’ll drink for dinner at the end of lunch if it’s only a couple years old. If it tastes good, just put the cork back in. If not, dump the bottle into the decanter then pour it back into the bottle at dinnertime! Cheers!

  2. Nancy Hawks Miller

    I love the way you're always so practical, Jon! I also like to use a magnum decanter for a 750 ml bottle. I assume your harvest is spectacular? n

  3. Pretty much everyone I know that picked before the rain is extremely happy.

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