Something Different for you Tasting Room Regulars


When I wrote the last post about field blends, I recommended one that’s produced by David Coffaro in Dry Creek (Sonoma County).

Then, I remembered the great afternoon my husband and I spent there a few months back. We’d never heard of him – there’s a Cafaro Cellars that we know of here in Napa Valley, but this is different.

After spending a few days at Sea Ranch and just loving the David Coffaro field blend we had with dinner one night, we decided to visit their tasting room on the way home.

It’s a very low key tasting room, but the wines! Truly a treasure trove…

For those of you who frequent tasting rooms and have tried enough Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet to fill a lifetime, just check out this vineyard map (you may have to scroll down to make sense of it). When’s the last time you tasted Peloursin? My answer to that question was “never” – until, of course we went to the Coffaro tasting room. Peloursin is an obscure red from the south of France. The only reason I know anything about it is because it’s a parent of Petite Sirah. The other parent in Syrah.

And, how about a taste of Lagrein? The Carignan, Grenache and Aglianico begin to be more familiar but they’re certainly not your every day tasting room fare. Plus there’s Barbera, Montepulciano, it goes on and on. Some you taste from the bottle and some from barrels. Our tasting room host was knowledgeable, fun and kind.

Searching their website it appears that the only way to buy the wine is to belong to one of their clubs or to visit them. Maybe a phone call would work. But, the best thing to do, if you possibly can, its to get yourself out to Dry Creek and taste these wines! Of course there’s also lots of wonderful Zins to taste while you’re in the area and Coffaro makes one (at least) of those too.

What’s your favorite off the beaten track winery to visit? 

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