Wine Tip du Jour: Left-over Wine


Got some wine left over from the weekend’s indulgences? It’s not too late to save it from spoiling – assuming you haven’t drunk the rest by now 😉 That’s the best method of all!

If you don’t have any inert gas or a wine vacuum pump on hand, there’s something you can do really easily to help keep the wine until next weekend or whenever: Pour it into a smaller bottle. The head space is the thing that makes your wine go down hill once it’s open so if you move the wine into a beer bottle or a half bottle, and it’s full to the top, you’re all set until next weekend. You can use the wine cork as a stopper – you may have to shave it down a bit. If it’s going to be several days before you finish the wine go ahead and put it in the fridge – bring it back to the right temperature when you’re ready to polish it off!How easy was that? Cheers! 

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