How To Taste: Aroma + Bouquet = Nose

I wonder who started this? Why do we need to separate aroma from bouquet when it’s so much easier just to describe the “nose” – the way the wine smells. Some stickler for details, no doubt…

Here’s the deal: 

Aroma is the fragrance derived from the fresh grapes. So, fruity descriptors belong in that category. Probably also floral, herb and vegetative descriptors. Things that are harvested. The aroma is also often referred to as a primary scent (as opposed to secondary).If you wonder why a grape might display a fragrance reminiscent of peach or bell pepper check this previous post.  

Bouquet is the complexity the aroma takes on by being fermented, barrel aged, bottle aged… It’s the result of everything that happens to the grape after harvest. So, woody and buttery fragrances belong in this category as well as “winey” fermentation aromas and aged characteristics like nutty or leathery. 

You put these two together, and you have the “nose”. The nose is the way the wine smells – you like the nose, you don’t like the nose, the nose is floral, there is no nose… It’s an extremely practical term. If I were you, I’d just forget about aroma and bouquet and cut to the chase! 

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